50 Cent “Before I Self Destruct” Album Review

Rapper 50 Cent has finally released his highly anticipated 4th studio album titled “Before I Self Destruct”. This article is an honest review of the album. Find out is this album worth the wait.

After 50’s first major release titled Rich Or Die Trying” which was a monster success, many fans have been waiting for another classic album from this mega rap star. Since “Get Rich Or Die Trying” 50 has released 2 other studio albums that have sold well but have not matched the seemingly untouchable status of his first album.

So the question is, does his 4th album compare to his incredible first album or does it get put in the “just another album” pile?

Listed below are the tracks that are on “Before I Self Destruct”. I have decided to give a 1 to 5 ranking for each track.

1 = Horrible 2 = Poor 3 = OK 4 = Pretty Good 5 = Excellent

Here we go:

1. The Invitation 4/5
2. The Days Went By 3/5
3. Death To My Enemies 3/5
4. So Disrespectful 4/5
5. Psycho ft Eminem 5/5
6. Hold Me Down 4/5
7. Crime Wave 3/5
8. Stretch 3/5
9. Strong Enough 3/5
10. Get It Hot 2/5
11. Gangsta’s Delight 3/5
12. I Got Swag 2/5
13. Baby By Me ft Ne-Yo 4/5
14. Do You Think About Me 3/5
15. OK You’re Right 5/5
16. Could’ve Been You 4/5
17. Flight 187 3/5

Well, that’s the album. Overall I’m going to give “Before I Self Destruct” a 3/5. One thing that I feel hurt the album was the continuous push backs of the album. This album was supposed to be out over a year ago and I think this album didn’t live up to all of the hype that was surrounded around this project.

If you are a die hard 50 Cent fan you will probably be pleased with this album. If you are not a die hard then you maybe a little disappointed. No matter what you think, you better believe that this is not 50’s last album. I look forward to his next one.