7 Secrets For Promoting Your New Album

Promoting your new album is hard, especially in this turbulent world of the music industry. Fans have so many choices, and there are so many artists that even the top ones are finding it difficult to find mass appeal. So how do you stand out?

1. Prolong the release date of the album as long as possible to get more hype. This technique has been used a lot lately, especially in the rap industry. Artists claim their album will come out a certain date, and just prolong the album to get more attention and coverage. Eminem did this, and it worked great for his album, Relapse, which debuted at #1 Billboard chart after selling 608,000 copies in the first week.

2. Get your music on iTunes. Putting your name on iTunes for many fans will make you appear more official, or legitimate. Even if you don’t think you will sell a lot, appearing on iTunes is a great marketing strategy for yourself to get your name, and sound out there.

3. Give people an incentive to buy your album, other than the music. If you plant prizes in your album (i.e. concert tickets, money, autographs, etc.), that will add to more album sales and exposure for your new album. Also, including other parties for your prizes, like giving away a gift card to Guitar Center, will possibly open up more doors and connections with those companies. Chamillionaire is a pro at additional incentives for his fans. You can see this with his new album, where he is giving away select albums with special artwork, and $100 to those that win his contest.

4. Appeal to a wider variety of crowds. If you limit your crowd base to one type people, you will get much less exposure and fans, thus, less album sales. If you can appeal to many types of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, you will get a much larger fan base and album sales. MJ was a master at this, as he broke nearly all the boundaries of genres and crowds and still to this day has the #1 selling album of all time.

5. Your music needs to be catchy. You can’t have sales without a good product. Thriller is one of the best sounding albums as well. No matter how much hype, or marketing you have, you must have a good sounding album to get sales.

6. Overall look and theme of the album can draw fans. Your album’s theme, cover and the overall look of you (or your group/band) can have a influence on whether or not someone buys the album- especially at stores. If you, the name, or the album look cool people may buy it for that reason alone.

7. Be able to rock live performances. A great live performance will not only give a greater appreciation for your music, but it can also be the birthplace for more fans to appreciate your music and check you out. If I ever see a band that is amazing live, I always want to see what they can do in a recording studio. Are there other ideas that we have missed out? Let us know in the comments!