Finding a Baby Photo Album

Baby photo albums are the most beautiful gifts you could make it to parents. They contain memories of your baby’s life and as the years pass will be a pleasure to open this album and remember the beautiful smile of your child. There are many companies online that deal with making photo albums for children. Baby photo albums made by computer are called digital albums. Picture contains the most important moments of our lives.

To have a quality photo album for children would be better to choose a design company to deal with its accomplishment. A good designer will help you choose the right format for the album. You can also choose your pictures with your baby that you want to appear in the album. In an album for children is possible for each photo be accompanied by a personal message in the album. You can also add your baby’s pictures near cartoons when you want a quality digital photo album child.

In an album you need to make a great combination of colors and personal messages should match the photos. There are albums expensive made of quality materials such as satin, silk and so on, for example there are companies that add silver frames and if you want it could be made of gold. There are different formats of albums for kids such as large format, medium and small. You choose the format that best suits your desires. An album for children is a good investment for the future which will remain in your heart. Photo albums are some memories from everyday life that will remain over the years and will cause tenderness and joy when you watch them long after. When you decide to make a baby photo do not hesitate to search online the best price offer with the most convenient and suitable design. There are many benefits if you choose online because you don’t have to wait very long and goods will be delivered at your home.

Can SlotMusic Save the Album?

While the demise of the compact disc (CD) has spared a good deal of shelf space, it also has pushed the album to the brink of extinction. And, as anyone who’s ever listened to Van Morrison’s “Moondance” knows, a great album offers sonic pleasures mere singles can never truly match. Oddly enough, a new format called slotMusic(TM) looks at once to eliminate the CD for good and save the album from certain death.

SanDisk, a company known for its flash memory data storage products, has partnered with four of the top record labels to produce the new music medium. slotMusic are small memory cards that will feature full-length albums and additional content, and are compatible with MP3 players, computers, cell phones, game consoles and more. The tiny slotMusic cards (smaller than postage stamps) will start filtering into stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart this holiday season, with prices expected to be comparable to CDs. The music on the card will be in the MP3 format and, with no digital rights management copy protection, listeners will be (legally) allowed to transfer music to their PCs, delete songs from the card and fill up open space with their own data (cards initially will have one gigabyte of storage – though that number will be expanded in the future). And, slotMusic has another great thing going for it: accessibility. Unlike past music media (e.g. – records, tapes, CDs), people don’t need to have special players to accept the new format since millions of phones, MP3 players and computers are already equipped with microSD card slots.

More portable and digitally compatible than the elderly CD, SanDisk and the labels are betting on slotMusic to “click” with the iTunes generation and help offset plummeting profit margins. Record labels EMI Music, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group all have pledged support for slotMusic and will release a mix of current and past albums in the new medium. With figures dropping annually for nearly a decade, consumers purchased only 511 million CDs last year (down from the peak of 942 million in 2000). The music industry, unprepared and unwilling to deal with the effect of downloads on album sales, has mostly just panicked and reacted preposterously. Along with suing music downloaders (AKA: potential customers), they’ve refused to lower CD prices to lure in buyers. Now, the labels are hoping slotMusic will offer the downloading crowd a more accessible medium. SanDisk reps claim research indicates that a lot of music listeners who prefer digital music would like to have a way to play it in MP3 players and phones without first synching the music through a computer.

While slotMusic has the potential for success, will consumers really go for another physical music format? That remains to be seen. Fact is, it may not just be the CD medium that has become outdated, but the album itself. Nowadays, most people would rather pay a couple bucks to download radio-friendly singles from an album than take a risk on the whole thing. And that’s understandable. Think about how many albums you’ve liked from start to finish in the past year. How about in the past decade? At best, maybe a handful. Even true album purists will admit the majority of the CDs out there are mostly filler. It’s gotten to the point where we believe an album is good if we like half the songs – really not a strong percentage at all. And that’s the fault of both the artists and the record labels. The music industry has spent far too long focusing on ways to make money rather than producing quality products. Unfortunately for them, the marketing tool of selling CDs based on one hit single backfired with the dawn of the Internet. Now, the hopes of the music industry and the album itself rest on the surface of the slotMusic card. And that may just be too heavy a burden for the tiny device to bear.

The ‘Album’ in Your Mind

You never know when they happen and when they do, you can never forget them. Each time one of them happens, it promises to tug at your heart for a lifetime.

Fortunately, life gives every one of us these precious moments that can never be erased from our minds. Moments that seem to stand still for ages, deep within the tiniest crevices of the heart and mind. These moments make me proud of being a human.

I am sure you have taken numerous photographs during the many phases of your life so far and probably will do so for as long as you can. For many years and perhaps even decades, we rely on them to bring back the laughter, joy and even sadness that remain captured within each image. Technology does wonders.

Life, strangely does not need any technology to give you those special moments. It has been creating an album of selective images that is always at your disposal, ever since you started having the ability to create them. Yes, you created this album. The album in your mind.

Besides your fingerprint and DNA, this ‘mind album’ is exclusively yours. It has been around and will be there with you throughout your journey on Earth.

Each image in this album developed its way into your ‘mind album’. Not every photo was a ‘Kodak’ moment. So, is each image a representation of bliss and happiness? I would not claim that they are. Some may not even have been taken during a pleasant moment in your life. Life has its camera on at all times because it makes you realize that there is something for you to learn, reflect and absorb from every phase of life.

I would like to take this moment to share just a few images from my ‘mind album’ just so that you will know what I mean. My ‘mind album’ is very exquisite, much like yours. Considering the fact that you may come from a totally different part of the world that holds its own culture,traditions and beliefs, I have had to select the images from my mind with care.

The first image is that of the day I discovered God in my life. It amazes me till this day, that I have not been able to identify him much earlier. His subtle but powerful presence, his love and promises have done so much more for me than any human possibly can. This is the moment my Creator taught me what it feels like to be born again. How befitting a word!

The second image happens to be the most disturbing as well as the most precious of all the rest. Its the image of the last time I saw my parents alive (which was just a few days before their demise). This image is so dramatic that I could almost reach out and touch it. Yes, it brings so many mixed emotions, depending on how and when I look at it but I know that every image has something to teach and this stands out as one of the most expressive moments that I am fortunate to cherish. I thank my parents and life for having granted me the wonderful opportunity of being there with them that day.

The next one is of a very special moment in my life. Its the moment that time stood still. The moment my husband first confessed his love to me….after I did! It took me all of the courage,emotions and anxiety I could possibly muster then to brace myself as I stared blankly into the computer screen, awaiting for a response. Yes, years later…we are still crazy about each other and it sure helps to go through the image when things are great and when they aren’t.

I am still waiting for an image of my son. He has created an entire album for himself in my mind and heart for there never really is a dull moment with him around. Yet, I am searching for that one image which will go into my ‘mind album’. I don’t know when I will find it. Yes, the first photo we took of him when he was born occupies the page now but I have a feeling that something much better is in the pipeline.

I find the ‘mind album’ amusing and enchanting for they are safe from any harm caused by nature or man. I believe that they will remain in one’s heart even when decades fly by and one can no longer remember much. The album remains with the soul.

Look at your ‘mind album’ when you can. I am sure you will be amazed at how life has evolved itself in you.