Top Five Songs From the Album Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts’ first album burst onto the country music scene, and was soon being played on pop music radio stations around the country. She displayed a knack for catchy lyrics and sensibility beyond her years while still maintaining the innocence of her age.

Here are the top five songs from her first album (in my not so always humble opinion of course). These are only in the order from which they play on the album.

Tim McGraw

This song was written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose. Keeping with what she knows, this song is about knowing that her current relationship has a shelf life. It was written about a boyfriend that was going to graduate ahead of her and knowing that they would have to break up.

Picture to Burn

As with “Tim McGraw”, this song is also co-written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose. Taylor, because she and I are on a first name basis, likes to say that if you are mean to her – you’re probably going to get a song written about you. This song is about someone who didn’t treat her well, and in the music video she burns the guys house down. So watch out.

Teardrops on My Guitar

Written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose, “Teardrops on My Guitar” had the most cross-over in genre and by extension a lot of success. As with almost all of her songs this song relates to “love”, in this instance the love is unrequited. I think we’ve all been there wishing for something different from a friend.

Should’ve Said No

This song was written entirely by Taylor. In this song she powerfully gives great advice, “you should’ve said no”. And I think that she also means you could have said no, but didn’t. All of this relates to a boyfriend who cheated.

Our Song

This song was written by Taylor Swift for a talent show while in high school. It almost didn’t make the album, but with Taylor’s insistence it was included and eventually was her third single released from the album. A great song about what a couple’s song is really about.

This album really captures the young girls heart with a fresh and unique perspective from someone so young. These songs encapsulate a broad spectrum of the young love experience. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Counting Crows August and Everything After – The Album That Changed My Life

We all have albums that once we hear it shoots us back to nostalgia. We recollect specific images and memories that are so engrained in our thoughts and minds. I can’t tell you how many times I hear a Cure song and think about high school days and summer nights. How about hearing the Siamese Dream album by the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeremy by Pearl Jam?

Before the magic of downloading nothing but singles, albums ruled all. We lived in a time when all we had was the full album and listening to it from front to back was not just entertainment but an experience. Albums were considered works of art. From start to finish you have to be able to draw in a listener, keep them engaged and carry them through a world of emotions ranging from sad to happy to melancholy and then to hopeful. Now not all albums are supposed to do this. It depends what the artist wants to do that really depends on how the album will sound. Some albums were specifically made to make you feel sad or hopeful or just dance your butt off.

I was 19 years old when I first heard the album, August and Everything After. I didn’t know much of music at all, but when you live in a college dorm that all changes. All kinds of music ran through the hallways ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Phish, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, and many others. I got my taste of a ton of music that year. I’ll probably be talking about those albums in other articles, but for now I’m talking about the Counting Crows.

What an album! It’s so well written, arranged, composed and yet so simple. So many artists do way too much and sometimes simplicity wins over the over produced albums that we hear so many times on commercial radio. Every song on this album is great. Pick your poison. They are most famously known for Mr. Jones, but any true Counting Crows fan will tell you that Mr. Jones is probably on the bottom of the list for favorite songs on this album.

When you’re that age you’re going through all these emotions. Self-confidence, picking a major, liking a girl, getting rejected by a girl, trying to fit in, etc… We don’t really know ourselves and what we want and who we are. Sometimes when you hear a song and you connect with it, you don’t know much about anything in the world, but right at that time you know that you could listen to that song only and the whole world and all your problems would disappear. I can’t tell you how many times I sung Perfect Blue Buildings, Omaha and the Rain King and I didn’t understand what the hell Adam Duritz (lead singer) was talking about. But he hit a nerve. He made me feel again. It was like a drug listening to this album.

It changed my life because at the time I was struggling to find out who I was. What did I want to do in life? It’s a hard question to ask a kid. I mean….we’re kids! 18 years old and then they ask you what you want to do for the rest of our lives?! Some people knew at age 5 or 10, but I didn’t know jack. All I remember is hearing those songs and wanting to be able to live those lyrics in my life. Be the music. Be the feeling. That year I picked up a guitar and learned 3 simple chords from a college friend. It seems everyone in college knows how to play a guitar. The first Counting Crows song I learned to play was “Round Here”. I haven’t stopped since. Since learning to play that song, I’ve been in numerous bands, toured, released albums and have spread the joy of music. It’s a gift that I’m glad I found and I’m thankful everyday and THAT’S why the album August and Everything After changed my life.

Think Outside the Album – How to Display Your Scrapbook Pages

You’ve spent hours scrapbooking, creating vivid, unforgettable pages. You slip them into the album pocket and – now what?

Do you stack the album on the shelves with the others, only to be opened when you go to a crop meet or have visitors? Or is there some way you can display your album pages so they can be enjoyed every day?

In fact, there are some creative ways you can display your scrapbooks and pages like the works of art they really are.

First, look at your album shelves. Can you clear a space wide enough to open up one of your albums? Standing an open album on the shelf will display two pages at once, and you can change the display simply by opening at two different pages or opening another album. You can add a simple ornament to complement the pages or a photo in a frame.

Another idea is to set up a special table to display your albums. You can have one album open and a few stacked nearby with a vase of flowers. This is a simple, elegant arrangement that places your albums close at hand for visitors to browse through and allows you to display your favorite pages.

Framing your favorite pages is another way to showcase your scrapbooking skills. You can hang a framed page over the table mentioned above, or create a wall display of framed pages.

Frame USA make beautiful wood frames for your 12 x 12 scrapbook pages. The Creativity Shop have molded, embellished frames in a range of colors and designs to suit any scrapbook theme. The frames come in sizes 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 so you can display two pages.

Wall Avenue has designed special frames for scrapbook pages that come with their own range of embellishments. The frames come in sizes 12 x 12 and 6 x 6 and in d├ęcor friendly shades of black, white and stone. The frames are available through Top Line Creations online store.

If you have a scanner, why not scan your pages and set up a photo album on the web where you can share your pages with other scrappers as well as family and friends? If you use 12 x 12 pages and only have an 8 x 10 scanner it may seem difficult, but in fact you can scan both halves of your large page and join them together in a photo editing program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

You could even set you own scrapbooking website or submit your pages to existing websites and magazines in scanned .jpg form. Just remember that some magazines will want you to send the original page at some time so they can scan and photograph it themselves.

Scrapbook pages are a work of art, so why not display an open album or a scrapbook page on an easel? You can buy a special scrapbook with its own easel for display, or get an easel from an art supply shop. Look around flea markets and home wares stores for easels used to display large plates as well. These can be very decorative and effective.

Whatever method you choose, think outside the scrapbook album, and you can find creative ways to enjoy your scrapbook pages.