Engagement Album – Why They Are a Wonderful Idea

For those people getting married, a wedding album is on the top of the list. It is a way to display your special day and remember all the important events through pictures. What many people do not consider when first getting engaged, however, is an engagement album. This album cannot only bring you fond memories; it can also be used at your wedding.

One of the first benefits of having an engagement album is the fact that you can recount the special times you shared prior to being married. Some of the happiest moments are those leading up the actual wedding. We often times get caught up in the events and forget the journey that we took to get there. The engagement period is very happy, carefree and joyous. It captures the love and bond that the two of you share on a personal, more intimate level. Many times people take photos for their engagement album in street clothes and just have fun!

An engagement album is like a prequel to the wedding album. In other words, you can view your married life as a series of events. First, you are engaged. You can have this time documented in an amazing flush mount album. When you get married, you create your second album that is the actual event. This is where you are legally joining into one and creating an everlasting bond under God. After you have been married for a while, you can then consider creating an anniversary photo album. This is what completes the album. Many people choose to create anniversary photo albums on their tenth anniversary or their 25th.

You can also use your engagement album at your wedding! Have your album on display near your guestbook for people to look through and see you two together; guests love it! You can even go a step further and create an album- guestbook combination. This will add dimension to both and be extremely personal.

Engagement albums can be as custom as you want. In fact, many couples get very creative with this album choice because it is supposed to be fun, laid back and carefree. It is a time where you two can be yourselves and let your personalities shine through. You will be very happy you took the time to create such a special gift to yourselves. An engagement album is something you will both enjoy looking back on, laughing with and commenting on what a fun time it was. Create memories at every turn you make throughout your life and share them with those you love.