Help on How To Create A Memorable Scrapbooking Album

After you look at some peoples’ scrapbooking albums, do you find yourself wishing you were half as inspiring as they are? Don’t worry. You can create memorable scrapbooking albums by using these 5 basic steps – – and others will be wishing that they could be as inspiring as you!

Step 1: Decide on a theme.

Whether it’s a vacation, a celebration or some other major event, you will find lots of themes you can decide on for your scrap booking albums. To help you out, below are a few possible themes to choose from.

For kids:

• birthday

• sports

• Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts

• baby baptismal/ dedication

• field trip

• family getaway

• baby’s very first year

• learning to ride a bike

• ABCs

• counting

• animals

• seasonal activities

• school days

For teenagers:

• learning their first car

• prom

• graduation

• birthday

• on the job

• trip

• sports

• hobby

• extra-curricular activities

For adults:

• engagement

• wedding

• anniversary

• birthday

• baby shower

• hobby

• trip

• retirement

Step 2: Decide on whether or not you prefer to use a pre-made album kit.

By using an album kit, you save yourself a lot of time, particularly if you are only starting off with scrapbooking and you really don’t quite know yet what you are doing. Contained within these album kits is everything you’ll need to get started from the pages, the album itself, plus some embellishments too. All you would have to do at this point is place your pictures and add the embellishments and overlays. These products make lovely albums. The drawback is that you are limited as to the number of photos you can use. Also, some kits may contain certain information that you’re not able to use. For instance, in a baby girl’s album, there may be a page to show baby and her first doll. If the baby never liked dolls, then you either leave that page out or try and modify it. Album packages are often high priced, but they do go on sale from time to time.

Step 3: Put pages in chronological order.

It is time now to put together all the images that you want to work with in your album, now that you’ve got a theme in mind (or if you have decided to use a kit). Along with your own images, you might want to consider using some old greeting cards or postcards. Order the photographs chronologically and then create your pages in that order.

Step 4: Decorate each page.

Embellishing each scrapbook page will provide a unique touch to your album. Add borders to the page and make attractive frames for the photos. Include stickers, confetti, buttons or teeny blossoms. You could also use color glitter glue and include tiny swirls. You don’t want to go crazy with the adornment, but want to add enough to give a special character to every page.

Step 5: Include something sentimental.

If possible, try and include a sentimental ingredient into your album. A sentimental item tugs at the heartstrings and helps make the album that much more special. Want some ideas? The classic is of course, a lock of a child’s hair. Other things you could incorporate would be things such as part of a handwritten note or letter, a drawing that a person did, or an open locket with pictures inside.

Now that you know these 5 simple steps, are you ready to make a memorable scrapbooking album? Assemble your materials, carve yourself a couple of free hours, and have a lot of fun!