Review of the Album “Passion, Pain and Pleasure” by Trey Songz

This is an amazing album by Trey Songz. He truly has grown in his sound. There was a definite progression from his first two albums to his most recent two albums. His first album I Gotta Make It had a bit of a classic R&B feel, which is definitely what I would expect from Trey at the time seeing as he had been mentored for years before this release by Troy Taylor. Troy Taylor is an industry veteran who owns the label Songbook. From watching some of his Ustreams you can tell his style pretty well. Basically the 90’s R&B sound is how I would generalize it. He played some of Trey’s songs that he first recorded that have been released on mixtapes, and he was getting really into them saying this is true R&B. Honestly, of all of Trey’s music, I would say those are the most bland. I Gotta Make It was still a great album that produced a few songs I will always consider classics. His second album Trey Day has a much different sound than the first album, but I wouldn’t call it a progression. It explores some different aspects of Trey’s skill (such as rapping) and has some fun songs I really like but nothing I would call a classic.

Trey’s third album Ready is when I would say he grew up and matured musically. It has kind of the same feel as the newest album, but I prefer this one. Actually I prefer Ready to any album. It is by far my favorite album of all time. If you were going to purchase any album I think this should be it. It was so innovative, and Trey really showed his capability, his versatility, and his creativity. He did some crazy things with his vocals and got his trademark sound (well he already was implementing it in his mixtapes but the general public finally got to hear it). The fact that this album had 6 singles speaks for itself. From “The Neighbors Know My Name” to “Your side of the Bed” to “Black Roses”, every track is amazing. Wow. That’s really all I have to say. Atlantic finally let him have more creative power over his music rather than what they thought would sell, and guess who showed who. As soon as they let him do his thing, he became the star he was destined to be.

His fourth studio album Passion, Pain & Pleasure is definitely a great album. It has had a lot of success because Trey is now a respected artist. His name gets him on the radio now. “Bottoms Up” is huge chart topper. It has been his most successful radio release. Although, I think if “Bottoms Up” had come before Trey was so well respected, it could have taken “Say Ahh”‘s place, and vice versa. I think “Say Ahh” is a much more creative and catchy song and could have done even better. His second single “Can’t Be Friends” is so simple, yet it is such a beautiful song. His newest single “Love Faces” really shows off his vocals and his sexy side everyone equates to Trey Songz. “Doorbell” is unique song, starting off with a very strong beat and all of a sudden turns into this sultry song. That track is crazy. “Unfortunate” and “Blind” are also one-of-a-kind songs. And of course he’s got the depressing break up songs that I love that were also my favorite part of Ready. These songs have the most depth to me, and I always respect when an artist can implement more than one of these into an album. Another thing I think is great about this album and Ready is that they had a great flow that normally albums do not have. They go from one type of theme to the next, from party, to sexy, to love, to sad, etc. This album is literally themed, hence the name. It just makes the album have such a great feel. I think if you don’t have this album you need to get it. Feel free to let me know what you think.