Wedding Albums – Self Mount Vs Flush Mount Albums

Wedding albums come in a range of different styles and layouts. The two different styles that are most popular among professional photographers at the moment are Flush Mount Albums and Self Mount Albums.

The main difference between these two styles is that the pages of the flush mount album are made up of large printed photographs, which are then creased in the middle. These creased photographs then go together to make up the pages of the album itself. So the printed photos run flush from edge to edge of the open pages. In self mount albums the pages are made up of card or board and come with adhesive on the pages, so that the photographer can mount their images onto the pages themselves. Much more like a traditional wedding album.

Each style of wedding album has its advantages, which I have listed below.

Self mount albums are cheaper to purchase than flush albums, and until recently they were restricted to just one size image per album. However, it is now possible to have the adhesive laid out in such a way that up to 4 different image sizes can be stuck on any page without leaving any adhesive exposed. There is also no need for design software to be used when designing the layout of images. Ideal for those who are not computer savvy! Self mount albums can also be held in stock, and loaded as and when they are needed, reducing turn-a-round time. Perfect for photographers who have a large foot fall through their studio.

Flush albums are the latest trend in wedding albums with a very modern look and feel. As the open pages are made up of large printed images, the layout of photos that will go into the wedding album must be designed using software to create one collage or design to spread across the open pages. The fact that the layout of images need to be done using design software means that it is possible to get really creative with the images and their layout. Panoramic and group shot also look really great spread across the open pages.

The two different styles of wedding album will be attractive to different photographers, depending on their style of photography, needs and budget. As ultimately a professional photographer must be able to present their images in a way that best suits their style and pleases their clients.