About 2776

The year is 2776, and on the thousandth birthday of America, an evil Alien (Martha Plimpton) threatens to destroy the nation, unless the President (Will Forte) and his Secret Service agent (Aubrey Plaza) can convince her it’s worth saving. Together with a cranky George Washington (Paul F. Tompkins), they travel through our nation’s history—past AND future, taking on everything American — immigration, religion, the media, sports, politics, sex, droids, and rock n’ roll. Along the way they meet notable Americans, from God (Patton Oswalt) to the Common Cold (Aimee Mann). Can America be saved? Kind of. It’s complicated. Created by The Levinson Brothers and Rob Kutner, 2776 is an epic musical/comedy extravaganza featuring 28 tracks and over 80 comedians, musicians and actors to benefit OneKid OneWorld. Physical and digital copies of the album are available now.