“Neko Case and Kelly Hogan recently shared "These Aren't the Droids", a very funny song that critiques teen fanboy culture. That song now has a video, which is, unsurprisingly, also very funny.”Pitchfork
“a terrific sendup of both fanboy culture and the prevalance of misogyny in society, with some poignant lessons about treating women thrown in…Now, Case and Hogan have ratcheted up the hilarity with a video for the song in which they dress up as Star Wars and Trek icons, with Hogan as Chewbacca and Case as a hybrid Leia/Spock” - SPIN
“Neko Case and Kelly Hogan have made a funny video to go along with their equally amusing song.” – BaebleMusic
“this song about a teenage boy imagined future/dystopia is gut-clutchingly hysterical.”Nerdist
“This little comic gem is a rebel song in the plainest sense” - Chartattack
"This may be the greatest video of all time."Telescopemedia
“Neko Case and Kelly Hogan take aim and fire at the fantasies of the future beloved of sci-fi and comic-book fanboys in their new video, "These Aren't the Droids.””The Straight
““These Aren’t The Droids”, a hilarious song that pokes fun at teenage boys and the kinds of stuff they tend to obsess over. Now, the track’s received the video treatment and it’s just as chuckle-worthy as you’d expect.”ConsequenceOfSound
“On “These Aren’t The Droids,” a song from the comedy-and-music benefit compilation 2776, Neko Case and her longtime collaborator Kelly Hogan lamented the idea that dorked-out dudes are going to decide what the future is. And the brand-new video has fun with that idea”Stereogum
“Last month, Neko Case and Kelly Hogan unveiled their comedic collaboration "These Aren't the Droids." If any song has ever warranted a video, it's this one, so we're thankful that they delivered with a new clip.”Exclaim!
“Everybody's buzzing about the new comedy album 2776, which is chock full of famous comedians and personalities, riffing about the future and science-fictional stuff. Almost everybody you love is on this album”io9.com
"2776 sounds like They Might Be Giants crashed their car into Styx's garage studio. It's like Golden Throats for comedians."  - LA Weekly
“A throwback to a time where comedy albums were comprised of songs, skits and even longer audio sketches with a through line that create a sort of comedic audio play. And for a cause to boot!”990WBOB
“It’s an amazing feat that Kutner and the Levinsons were able to assemble such a diverse and wide-ranging roster of talent (Dick Cavett and Margaret Cho on the same track, anyone?) The fact that so many people contributed to the album’s production, to borrow a cliché, provides something for everyone… with so much talent and for such a good cause, 2776 is worth the price” - TheSpitTake
“soon-to-be epic smash hit comedy album”VideoContestNews
“So much music! So much comedy! So much charity! So go get it!”Wits Radio
“The songs are fun, witty, and span a vast array of styles. From operetta to techno it’s all here and our stars tackle the genre they’ve been assigned with gusto.” – ComedyReviews
“Prove your love for America by buying the album”SplitSider.com
“Sklar Brothers unleash the sports anthem of the year”Guyism.com
“packed with satirical takes on American culture”AV Club
“2776, The Comedy, Music, Historical Retrospective Extravaganza”TheComedyBureau
“Anytime I can hear Mayim Bialik rap, I'm having a pretty good day… Big Bang Theory and Blossom aficionados may be shocked to hear the actress spit rhymes on a song from 2776, a new celebrity-filled comedy album that benefits the charity OneKid OneWorld”USA Today PopCandy
“The most patriotic way to celebrate July 4th: laughing at ourselves. 2776—a part music, part comedy concept album—drops tomorrow, featuring a list of awesome people too long to list here poking fun at all things American.”GQ.com, The Punch List
“Andrew WK contributes a track called “Party On Your Grave” that combines the epic power and guitar shredditude of a vintage Judas Priest track with lyrics about getting revenge on an enemy, Andrew WK-style: by partying as hard as possible.”EW.com
“2776, a time-traveling concept album about America, robots, aliens, philosophy, the future, and a bunch of other stuff, performed by an eclectic cast of 82 actors and musicians—including Patton Oswalt, Aubrey Plaza, Reggie Watts, Right Said Fred, Neko Case, Ed Helms, and NPR’s Nina Totenberg. It’s probably the only album coming out this year where you’ll hear Triumph the Insult Comic Dog working with the Rebirth Brass Band, or k.d. lang collaborating with Alex Trebek.”EW.com
““Liner Notes,” written by George Saunders, is a loonily satiric rumination on music, America, and creative collaboration that imagines, for example, Beyoncé singing about making love to Jay Z astride the atomic bomb.”New Yorker